The Mom Test

Rob Fitzpatrick

How to talk to customers and learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you.

"Ounce for ounce, there's no better way to learn what customers want and will buy than this wonderful little book. If you want your new product or new business to succeed, start here."

John Mullins

Author, The New Business Road Test, Getting to Plan B, and The Customer-Funded Business

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"Read this short book! We believe this is the best and most accessible book for entrepreneurs who are seeking product market fit."

Simon Murdoch

Partner, Episode1

"If you aren't sure about how to ask the "right" questions to ascertain whether there is real customer pain, the best book on the subject is called The Mom Test. I highly recommend it."

Carlos Espinal

Partner, Seedcamp and author, Fundraising Field Guide

"We always recommend the Mom Test as essential reading for any idea stage entrepreneur."

David Norris

Partner, Forward Partners

"Four chapters into @robfitz Mom Test book and I now think this is the best tech book I've read all year."

Thomas Ptacek

Founder Matasano Security

"Having one epiphany after another reading @robfitz' Mom Test Book. Absolutely riveting. Honestly, any entrepreneur should buy one."

Michal Bohanes

Commercial director, Teespring